Adani Enterprises and its subsidiaries

The Adani Group, founded in 1988 is run by Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani. Its flagship company is Adani Enterprises Limited. This leading integrated infrastructure conglomerate has its interest on various industry verticals such as resources, logistics, energy, and agri. Mr. Gautam Adani the founder and the chairman of the company, while Mr. Rajesh Adani is the Managing Director at AEL. Both the Adani brothers are the key associates of the group since its establishment.

In a joint venture with Wilmar, the group has made its name in the world of agri with its edible oil brand, Fortune. It is the largest selling branded oil in the country. It currently operates the largest single-point edible oil refinery at Mundra. Besides, it also has India’s largest edible oil refining capacity (in excess of 2.2 MMTPA).

The group is the brainchild of the visionary Mr. Gautam Adani who has more than 33 years of business experience. With his leadership and visionary qualities, the conglomerate has emerged as a global integrated infrastructure player with interest spread over Power, Coal Mining and Trading, Ports & SEZ, agri products and many more. For the growth of the group and its various businesses, Mr. Rajesh Adani maintains his competitive spirit, proactive and personalized approach for developing business relationships.

He is also the Managing Director at Adani Power, founded in 1996. This firm is spearheading Adani Group’s vision to emerge as a power generation major by 2020. This power business arm of the Group is set to emerge as India’s number 1 private sector power producer by 2012. Mr. Gautam Adani is the founder and the chairman.

The company is continually endeavouring to reach its aim of being the largest power generator. It executes six coal-fired power projects across India aggregating 16,500 MW by 2015. Besides, it has also commissioned India’s first ever super critical technology power unit worth 600 MW at Mundra. For its state-of-the-art technology, the company also received the first prize in the Thermal Power Station category. Mr. Rajesh Adani received the coveted National Energy Conservation Award in 2011.


Adani Enterprises has been a leader in their business ventures

The Adani Group is the business conglomerate in India that is attributed as a leader in the industry. The group which was founded in 1988 has made its presence across various business verticals such as resources, logistics, energy and agri amongst others. At the group’s key management, Mr. Gautam Adani, Mr. Rajesh Adani and Mr. Vasant Adani are a part of the Board of Directors. Mr. Gautam Adani is the Chairman and Mr. Rajesh Adani servers as the Managing Director.

With its various projects and expansion plan, the group is now the largest coal importer and the pioneers of Mine Developer & Operator (MDO) concept in India. The company currently owns the largest coal tenement (reserves 10.4 billion MT) in Australia. In addition to coal mining & trading, the Adani’s also operates India’s largest private sector port at Mundra along with the world’s largest coal terminal (60MMTPA) at Mundra. The company owned port at Mundra is said to be the fourth largest port in India. Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone is a multi-port operator that looks into the development of SEZ. Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani are the key promoters of this company.

The company also runs a power business under Adani Power Limited. This company has also gained its prominence as the largest thermal power producer in Indian Private Sector with various power projects.

Mr. Rajesh Adani is the Managing Director at Adani Power Limited and Mr. Gautam Adani is the Chairman and Founder. Under his leadership, the company has synchronized India’s first supercritical technology based 660 MW power generation unit at Mundra.

Energising Adani group

In the energy industry, the private sector is said to be accountable for 40% of electricity generation in India in the coming years. The Adani group is a prominent name in the industry with eight plants and plans to scale up its capacity from current 4000 MW to 20,000 MW in the next decade. Founded by Mr. Gautam Adani in 1988, this trading firm has now become one of the leading names in various business industries such as Power, Energy, Ports & SEZ, infrastructure, coal mining and trading. Mr. Rajesh Adani has also been associated with the firm since the beginning and a strong backbone of the group.

With Mr. Gautam Adani as Chairman and Mr. Rajesh Adani as the Managing Director, the Adani group could also become the number one private thermal power producer in India. The group runs power-arm business under the company name, Adani Power Limited.

The other focus areas are agribusiness through a joint venture (JV) with Wilmar of Singapore. Alongside the group’s core integrated infrastructure operations, the Adani Wilmar owns a highly successful range of cooking and baking products, including Fortune edible oil. It is quite a success for the group to stick to core activities spread across Power, Energy, Ports & SEZ, Oil & Gas, coal mining and trading.

With an intention to keep the focus intact on core businesses, the group has decided to exit real estate. Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani had announced that the infrastructure business will be managed by the family separately.

Changing To Grow

The Adani Group has already marked its presence in the Indian market. But, they have spreads their wings beyond Indian shores by commencing mine exploration at Galilee Basin coal mine, Abbot Point port in Australia and in Indonesia.  The visionary man from Ahmedabad, Mr. Gautam Adani is the key person who has envisioned changing the image of the Indian company and a global integrated player. Mr. Rajesh Adani who has been associated with the firm has also ensured that the vision of Mr. Gautam Adani is accomplished.

The new corporate identity captures the Adani Group’s journey from its humble beginnings in Ahmedabad to its current global presence with mining assets in Australia and Indonesia. Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani explained the philosophy of the change in corporate identity and show confidence in business strategy for the growth of the company.  The new identify marks the culmination of some important milestones in the Adani journey.

With the new corporate identity, the Adani group, led by Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, decides to focus on three clusters – Resources, Logistics and Energy. Going forward, the company plans to expand their presence across the globe with the announcement of business projects in Australia and Indonesia.

According to Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, Resources, Logistics and Energy are the key growth drivers for a successful and sustainable future. At present, they have already invested $3 billion in Australia on infrastructure. The group also plans to invest additional $6 billion on its global expansion plans in the next few years. The funds will be generated through mixed options of equity debt and internal accruals.

Both the Adani brothers also focus on infrastructure as a family-run business. The company has developed many projects in Mumbai’s key localities.

The Adani group is founded in 1988 by Mr. Gautam Adani. Mr. Rajesh Adani has been associated since the commencement.  They are the two leaders who have managed to grow the company as one of the leading Indian conglomerates. They bring to table several years of experience that have helped the company and its various businesses to grow. The family has been

Giant Leaps on Home Ground – The Adani Group

The business strategy is to mark a prominent presence in the home ground before taking the plunge on to newer frontiers. This is what exactly the Adani’s did. Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani have set their home town, Ahmedabad as the groups headquarter. Founded in 1988, the Adani Group has had many important milestones back home.  The Group has achieved numerous awards and recognition in all its business verticals such as Ports & SEZ, Power, Energy, Oil & Gas, Coal Mining and trading.

Under the leadership of Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, The Adani group is the number one coal importer in India. The company has understood the energy need of India and also predicts that in future the requirement is going to be huge. It is believed that achieving the natural resources necessary to meet the huge demand is a big challenge. But the group ensured that they are well placed to help overcome those challenges.

The Adani’s are focused to continue to expand its coal mining business until 2015. Later, they plan to venture into iron ore mining. If everything goes as planned, the group’s extractive capacity is scheduled to increase from the current 3 Million Metric Tonnes (MMT) per annum of coal to 200 MMT per annum by 2020. Also, with the visionary Mr. Gautam Adani and competitive spirit, Mr. Rajesh Adani, the group is bidding for British Gas’ domestic gas assets in Gujarat. Besides, it also has several projects at the exploration stage in India and abroad.

The Adani group also runs logistics business at the Mundra Port, which the group owns under the company, Adani Ports & Special Economic Zone. With the visionary and expansion business plans of Mr. Gautam Adani and the competitive spirit of Mr. Rajesh Adani, the group has become the number one private port in India.

95% of India’s international trade comes through this port. The company plans to have five other ports in India and Australia. Besides, it also aims to increase our annual cargo handling capacity from 52 MMT to 200 MMT by 2020.

Mr. Gautam Adani is the Chairman and Managing Director at APSEZ, and Mr. Rajesh Adani is the Director.

Adani group evolution

Adani Group has expanded and entered various businesses involving Resources, Logistics and Energy. Mr. Gautam Adani, the visionary man and Mr. Rajesh Adani have been associated with the group since the inception. Under Resources, the leading conglomerate in India aims to obtain coal from mines and involve trading. It also aims to include oil and gas production in future. Logistics denotes a large network of ports, special economic zone (SEZ) and multi-modal logistics- railways and ships. For the group, Energy involves power generation and transmission and gas distribution.

With resources as an important focus, the Adani Group operates its coal and mining business. The company is the country’s largest importer and supplier of coal and is also is leading private mine developer and operator. It owns mining and development rights for 130 Million tonnes coal mining in India. Adani owns coal mining rights in Indonesia and Australia. Under the leadership of Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, it has supplied nearly 30 million tonnes of coal last fiscal to Indian companies and is expected to manage 200 million tonnes of coal by 2020.

Achievement of the Adani Group

Mr. Rajesh Adani is an important association of the Adani Group and its flagship company, Adani Enterprises Limited. He has been a part of this leading conglomerate in India, since its inception. The firm moves towards an integrated business model as it has started with the most exciting phase of its development so far. It aims to create an international and integrated infrastructure business with three main components in mind: resources, logistics and energy. Mr. Gautam Adani, one of India’s most visionary Chairmen, leads the Group with a support from a talented and experienced management team, including Mr. Rajesh Adani, the Managing Director.

The company has won many awards and accolades for its business growth, and contribution to the country’s expansion. In 2006, Adani Agrifresh commences business. Commencement of construction of 660 MW thermal power project at Mundra was also noticed. The company expanded jetties at Mundra Port. In 2009, Adani Enterprises Limited received a LOI for the Macchakatta Coal Block and LOA for Parsa Coal Block.

In 2010, Adani commences Business in Australia, to invest $7Bn in Queensland coal project for developing Mines, Rail and Port project in its Galilee Basin coal mine in Queensland, Australia to produce up to 60 million tonnes of coal per annum at its peak.

Under the leadership of Mr. Gautam Adani and Mr. Rajesh Adani, the company synchronised India’s first supercritical technology based power plant at the Mundra power plant, Phase III, Unit 1.